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About Crook's Frequent Shopper Program
The frequent shopper program rewards you weekly. You may sign up by completing a short application form while in the store or take it home to complete. You are given a card. At the time of checkout, the cashier will ask you if you have a card. If you left your card at home, no worries, the cashier can pull your account up by name. You receive credit on the purchases you make by receiving a point for every dollar spent. Every week Crook's Marketplace features 3 to 5 items in our ad below our cost. The price will have a point value to redeem to buy the product at that price published. If you want the item at the below cost price by using your points then tell the cashier at time of checkout. You always know how many points you have accumulated. Your updated point total is always at the bottom of your receipt. It's as easy as just shopping and redeeming for product at phenomenal prices. It's your reward for being a loyal customer without the hassle.